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EBG Property Revenue Optimization Score

EBG Property Revenue Optimization Score

EBG Property Revenue Optimization Score for Commercial Property Owners

The EBG Property Revenue Optimization Score (or short EPRO Score) is  a proprietary process we use at EBG Commercial to analyzes your property leases and takes 25 points of reference to create a score for your Property Revenue Optimization on a 100 points scale. A score of 90 or above means your leases are in good shape! Anything under that means there are great opportunities for you to increase income and dramatically improve your property value!

Below are the factors taken into consideration in calculating your EPLO score:

  1. Lease Dates Overlap Factor (How Many Of Your Leases End The Same Year/Month)
  2. Rent To Market Rate Loss Ratio.
  3. Property Vacancy
  4. Structured Lease Options
  5. Rent Increases Structure (e.g. Annual Increases, CPI, etc).
  6. Maintenance Responsibility (e.g. Who’s Picking Up The Phone And Calling The Plumber)
  7. HVAC Maintenance Responsibility
  8. Roof Maintenance Responsibility
  9. Parking Lot Maintenance Responsibility
  10. Structure Maintenance Responsibility
  11. Lease Types (e.g. Gross, MG, Cam, Net Lease, etc).
  12. Tenant Credit Worthiness.
  13. Tenant Financials Visibility For Landlord.
  14. Existence Of Individual Utilities Meters And Reference To That In Leases
  15. Property Provided Internet/Cable Income Opportunity.
  16. Tenant Location Stickiness Score
  17. Tenant Requirement Vs Property Walkable/Public Transportation Access.
  18. Tenant Parking Allocation Versus Usage.
  19. Tenant Mix And Presence Of Retail Cannibalism (e.g. 2 Pizza Places In Same Retail Strip).
  20. Tenant Business Property Tax Tracking.
  21. Property Lien Checks.
  22. Lease Late Fees Structure.
  23. Lease Violation Fees.
  24. Tenant Default Remedies.
  25. Other Fees.

All these factors are then included in our proprietary EPRO Score formula to calculate your individual property score and generate a comprehensive report that points out the opportunities available for retail owners like you to increase profits from your property!

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